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“Toram Online“ MMORPG with Complete Freedom
“Toram Online“ MMORPG with Complete FreedomKatsunori Kondo) has released new maps and chapter for the main story of Free to Play MMORPG “Toram Online” in the latest update.

Please download the app from Google Play or App Store.

In this update, we have released 2 new maps: “Calle Mort”, which is a mystic place that exists under the starry sky, and “Lunagent Mountain”. When you pass through Calle Mort, you will reach “Lunagent Mountain”. At the top of the mountain, there will be an old building and the new boss monster “Evil Crystal Beast” will await you there.

Along with the release of the new maps, new Story Missions have also been released. The epilogue of Chapter 4 finally begins. You will get close to the truth of the incident that King Elbano asked you to investigate.
Practice Your Best Stiff Upper Lip with the Royal Navy’s Arrival in World of Warships
Practice Your Best Stiff Upper Lip with the Royal Navy’s Arrival in World of Warships10 British cruisers can now fight for Queen and Country

The Royal Navy may have been on the horizon for some time, but now the branch of 10 British light cruisers are finally ready to set sail. Agile and stealthy vessels like Minotaur and Edinburgh will definitely go down a treat for fans who like to strike hard and fast in World of Warships.

Swans may be protected by the Queen, but she won’t save you when you start sailing up the Tech Tree in the Tier I Black Swan. At Tier VI, Leander is ready to fulfill your fantasies of reclaiming the British Empire. Also, remember to queue properly as you work your way towards Edinburgh at Tier VIII.

Finally, at Tier X, you can butt heads with other ocean beasts in the powerful Minotaur. She was the epitome of design for light cruisers at the beginning of the postwar period. In addition to her compact dimensions, maneuverability, and low detectability, this cruiser boasts an amazing firing rate, and her dual-purpose guns provide a superior AA engagement area radius. Also, who can forget that a formidable advantage of the Royal Navy is their torpedoes? They have the option to fire singularly from multiple tube launchers. Make sure you get the most out these legends.
Innovative music game Groove Planet gets Boss Fights, Rhythm Patterns, new tracks
Innovative music game Groove Planet gets Boss Fights, Rhythm Patterns, new tracksAnimoca Brands updated its innovative and critically acclaimed music game Groove Planet! New features include Boss Fights, Rhythm Patterns, and 7 lush new electronic tracks.

Watch the brand new trailer here: [Click Here ] or get the game free on the App Store and Google Play.

Groove Planet blends musical and clicker game mechanics, providing a new way to enjoy your music or discover new songs. Tap to the rhythm of your favourite tracks to build up a stylized planetoid full of grooving aliens.
AdventureQuest 3D Enters Open Beta
AdventureQuest 3D Enters Open BetaArtix Entertainment announced today that Open Beta testing has started for AdventureQuest 3D, its cross-platform MMORPG scheduled to release in Q4 2016. The Open Beta phase will allow players to test and offer feedback on AQ3D's gameplay and its continuously evolving world.

Go to [Click Here ] to create an AdventureQuest 3D account and download the game for PC/Mac or for mobile devices.

NOTE: The iOS version of AQ3D is not yet available, but is coming soon. Please contact MMPR if you are interested in receiving updates regarding its availability.
Oh My Gore! Out Now
Oh My Gore! Out NowOh My Gore! on Steam.

Take a look at the release trailer:
· Download
· Youtube

Listen to parts of the soundtrack here.

Take a look at those brand new screenshots!

Oh My Gore! is a genre-mix of real time strategy, tower defense and reverse tower defense, visualized in a 2D pixel art top-down style. The player will join the forces of evil, playing an evil divinity unrivaled in his viciousness and eager to execute revenge on the world for past wrongs. And nothing less but total world domination will satiate the hunger for vengeance; so the godlike player ventures forth to wipe out all do-gooders from the planet.

That's where the tower defense mechanic kicks in: players conquer and defend territory after territory, castle after castle, keep after keep. The strike force consists of vile orks and bone-knights. As soon as they scourged and conquered one area, they'll defend it against the attacks of the noble knights.
"Dead Age" Release Date Announced
"Dead Age" Release Date AnnouncedTactical zombie-fighting RPG slated to release next month

Dead Age, the tactical zombie horror RPG from Headup Games and Silent Dreams, will leave Early Access see full release on Steam on November 4. The game, which puts players in the role of survivors of a zombie apocalypse, challenges players to rebuild society, brick by brick, while fighting off the undead hordes in challenging tactical turn-based combat. In Dead Age, you will manage survivors, go on dangerous scavenging runs, build alliances, craft equipment and make difficult story-influencing decisions. There's a lot to do to rebuild a zombie-ravaged world...are you up to it?

Find out on November 4 when Dead Age hits full release on Steam!
Challenge Spiritus To Get Back 27 Magic Ring ! The Reserve Event For 3D MMO Mobile Game Eternal Crusade Begins
Challenge Spiritus To Get Back 27 Magic Ring ! The Reserve Event For 3D MMO Mobile Game Eternal Crusade BeginsEternal Crusade, a western fantasy 3D MMORPG published by Ujoy, builds a fantasy land existing Human, Elf, Dwarf and other types of races. The theme of this game is to look for Magic Rings. Today Ujoy reveals more information about the Human Magic Ring, Elf Magic Ring and Dwarf Magic Ring. The Reserve Event for it is available at the same time. To reserve will obtain a Limited Title Guardian and some rare equipment.

All 27 Magic Rings are delicate and have different kinds of special skills.
There are 3 kinds of Magic Rings. They are Human Magic Ring, Elf Magic Ring and Dwarf Magic Ring. The current 27 delicate Magic Rings have different kinds of special skills. For example, transformation, stealth and MSPD Up, etc. The ways for players to get back the Magic Rings is to defeat Spiritus or finish other challenges.


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