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HEROES OF THE STORM OPEN BETA TESTING BEGINS!, Vortex Attack by KaleidoGames, Wytchlight Games announces Space Thinger Demo, ..., Steam Trading Cards teach players about Compute..., STEINS;GATE character trailer revealed, Drag Racing publisher celebrates two-year anniv..., PLARIUM LAUNCHES “NORDS: HEROES OF THE NORTH” -..., Mobile Game "Sapples - Master the mountain" is out, RUMP! It's a Jump and Rump! - Kickstarter Promo..., KLM game 'Jets' takes off
Today sees the release of the first gameplay trailer for Total War™: ARENA, showing exclusive Alpha footage of this energetic and exciting new entry to the award-winning series.

Total War: ARENA is a free-to-play, team-based strategy game, putting players in the middle of epic-scale battles. Using key elements of award-winning Total War design, it is made from the ground-up for multiplayer realtime strategy fans, with players going head-to-head in 10v10 battles.

To join the Closed Alpha sign up at: [Click Here ] . The Closed Alpha is currently available in Europe, US servers will be added soon.
True Bliss will arrive on PC today…. Honest!
True Bliss will arrive on PC today…. Honest!Activate brain pathways you never even knew existed!

If you are looking for a truly unique game, then surely True Bliss is it! It's not often we can claim that you will not have come across anything like this before.

This is how we have described the game...

Modify geometry and experience a gaming genre that is truly unique, different, beautiful and serene all in one. For all you mathematicians out there this will satisfy all your geometric vectoring desires in a way they have never been satisfied before.
It's Time to Get Suited and Booted in Ratz Instagib
It's Time to Get Suited and Booted in Ratz Instagib"Wait. Did I just get shot by a rat wearing ...a banana suit?"

That's probably the question you're going to ask yourself after playing the latest version of Rising Star Games' and Lino Slahuschek's one-hit, one-kill arena-based shooter, Ratz Instagib.

Samuel Elphick, Community Manager for Rising Star Games, supplies us with all of the juicy details about the latest Ratz Instagib update and informs us of the sale that's currently underway! Take it away, Sam!

Palm, Ipad and Mobile GamesFans looking forward to continuing the story of Terra Battle's adventurers are in for a treat as Mistwalker Corporation announced its latest update - Version 2.6.0. This update introduces a new chapter to the game.

Version 2.6.0 also adds more milestone rewards from the first Download Starter campaign, including:

1.8 Million Milestone Reward Implemented - New Music from Yasunori Mitsuda (CEO of Procyon Studio and top composer of games and anime, including Chrono Trigger)
600,000 Milestone Reward Implemented - New Daily Quest - Hedgehog Hullabaloo - with character designs from Naoto Ohshima of Sonic the Hedgehog.
New Characters - Popular 'Descended Monsters' - Bahamut, Leviathan and Odin - make a return and will receive all new Z-Class Forms. Other rare monsters, including Marilith and Lich, will also be eligible for Recode DNA.
androidWe’re ready to announce that Nihilumbra is being released for Android May 22nd
We’re glad to announce the upcoming arrival of Nihilumbra (Apple's Best of 2012 Hidden Gems) to Android devices. Nihilumbra is an indie puzzle game from indie Spanish studio BeautiFun Games where you control Born, a dark creature who must escape from the Void. To do so, he will explore different world with increasing challenges while avoiding the Void, which seems to devour everything it faces.

How to face the Void
Born’s journey seems useless at first: a constant off voice will remind us that we’re small and that we don’t belong in this new world. We’re outsiders. It may be the voice of… our own conscience? But as long as our adventure goes forward, things will start to change. And here’s the twist: we will gain control over different colors that have different powers. With them, we will be able to paint the world that surrounds us in order to solve the different puzzles we meet, to beat every challenge we face. And in the end this may be one of the true core concepts of this indie game: not giving up in front of an uncertain and apparently threatening world, but being enough brave to make our way through the challenges we encounter.
Looking for Laika soft Launch on Amazon
androidWe are proud to announce our Platformer/Puzzle game Looking for Laika is released on Amazon today!

In Looking for Laika you are an astronaut with a best friend - a dog named Laika. Suddenly, Laika gets abducted by aliens and the story begins. The several worlds all have their own game play, puzzles and enemies. You jump and bounce through different levels of each world, all the while, looking for Laika.

We invented a new way of controlling the side-scrolling platformer to address some problems players experience with other games. Such problems include difficulty with controls on touchscreen devices, namely lacking the physical feedback from an actual button. Moanbej combines one-tap control mechanics (to eliminate the button feedback problem) and the gameplay of a platformer. In Looking for Laika the player travels worlds that make up a cute story, while still have the feeling of a one-tap action arcade game.
Drag Racing publisher celebrates two-year anniversary of its developer-centric monetization project MoneyTap
Palm, Ipad and Mobile GamesCreative Mobile’s MoneyTap, the pioneering independent supply-side platform for ad network mediation, turns two this month and reveals a firm foothold in the mobile ad market.

Creative Mobile, a top mobile game developer and publisher of cross-platform multiplayer games, unleashed an ad monetization tool MoneyTap back in 2013. Best known for the Drag Racing series, the company defined a new genre of mobile games and has one of the most downloaded franchises with 250 million lifetime installs. Creative Mobile worked with several partners to improve monetization of its inventory but eventually realized its advertising potential remained unfulfilled.
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